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6 Star Energy Rating: Coming Soon

Posted by adamlis on June 25, 2012 at 7:40 PM

Victoria will soon become 6 Star Energy Efficient 'by design'.  This is the new national 6 Star Rating. All new homes, home renovations, alterations additions and relocations must comply with the new legislation.


The 6 Star Rating includes Orientation: passive solar design, Insulation, Draught-proofing and sealing of the building's envelope, Better window design (including size, location, quality thermal performance of frames and glazing), Shading, Building fabric (including selection of cladding materials, flooring). See this link for more detail:


ADANT Services Group are accredited to design and certify your Installation. Contact Us to speak with a representative from ADANT Services Group to see what you need to do to comply.


More information will be posted soon.



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